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So I’m glad against my anger judgement, that I did it.


I was pretty pissed the day the news about Levi being an Ackerman came out. And I refused to google or wikipedia anything, because of the repeated symbolism that continues to persist from the days of Shakespeare. But I’m glad I went against my worse (anger) judgement and wikipedia’d it and found out that I was, wrong by the way, and that Germans do have a type of Clan system.



Sooooo, what are you even trying to say with that?

First of all, we are not confirmed that the Shingeki no Kyojin Manga is supposed to be set in the area of Germany. Yeah, oh my, we have some German lines at the start of it. Maybe cause it sounds cool and foreign, who knows.

I don’t care what you do with your ship but let me explain you a thing.

If a main character of one show has a last name.

Later it is revealed that another important character has, oh wonder, the same last name,

what do you think the author is trying to tell you?

Yes, in real life it may happen you aren’t related until the last 200 generations and yes oh my god, last names sometimes don’t hint on relation. I mean, we have that everywhere, don’t we? How many people in America have the last name “Smith” or, idk “McDonald” or just anything. HINT HINT. It’s like that for th rest of the world too, you don’t need to google some shit like this. you literally just googled ANOTHER WORD FOR SOMETHING YOU HAVE IN ENGLISH. ENGLISH AND GERMAN ARE FROM THE SAME LANGUAGE FAMILY YOU KNOW. ENGLISH AND GERMAN  HAVE THE SAME ROOTS, EVER SINCE THERE HAVE BEEN CLANS. Got it?

you haven’t found out that they have “extended” family relations, yes, it’s possible, but who the hell would put that into their manga/ book?

I don’t care how much sense it makes that they’re related, honestly, it surely isn’t brother/sister.

I’m just a little angry with the fact that you think googling a word is going to freaking tell you anything. You always have clans, roots of families, extended families. That’s nothing you can have or not have.

As a German, I can tell you, the name “Schuster”, “Müller” and maybe even “Ackermann” can have deep relations across the country but also no relation at all. Simply, because most last names were created from the job the person had in the midages. And “Ackermann” can kind of have the same meaning as “Bauer”… translating to peasant or farmer.

So how many farmers would there be in the midages, non related, yet having the same last name?

Surprise, a ton.

I don’t think I needed to explain all of this, I’m just pretty concerned that someone would actually have to google this crap…

(like oh my god, guys, Germans have families, hide your Levis)

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